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4 great benefits of employee recognition

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With reward and recognition, employers can effectively motivate and drive their teams to perform at their best ability. Use perkpal to achieve this and cultivate a fun company culture. Here…

6 Tips for Combatting Stress at Work

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Stress in the workplace can not only put an individuals blood pressure at risk, it can impact overall wellbeing, leading to a drastic decrease in motivation and productivity in the workplace….

4 Reasons You’re Not Productive At Work

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On good days, you likely leave work thinking; 'I've done a lot today, I achieved everything I wanted to and I've ploughed through so much work.' Then there are those...
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How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

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Employee morale is crucial to company success. It is the sum of overall outlook, attitude, confidence and the satisfaction employees feel at work. When employees feel positive about their workplace...

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