12 Questions to Help Choose the Right Benefits Platform

By February 16, 2021July 20th, 2023employee benefits

Ask any HR professional what consumes most of their time and the answer will be admin.  When it comes to employee benefits, manually managing schemes is up there on the irritation scale. It’s a big time waster and days are spent pouring over spreadsheets, chasing paper and people. Teams, trends and technology never stand still but a seemingly endless list of things to do means HR managers aren’t able to focus on the bigger picture and plan for the future.  People management just becomes management. We thought it would be useful to share a list of 12 questions to help choose the right benefits platform and solution for your organisation.

If this sounds like you, we guess you are reading this because you are thinking about investing in an employee benefits platform to manage your plan in one place. And, give your team the self-serve tools that make it easy for them to access the benefits on offer to them and keep their details up to date.

12 Questions to Help You

  1. Data security and centralisation – are all benefits and documentation managed in one centralised hub?
  2. Customisation – is the benefits software customisable with capability to add or remove functionality?
  3. Branding – Is there an option to add corporate branding?
  4. Intuitive dashboard – is the dashboard easy and intuitive to use and how long will it take to train my team?
  5. Rewards & recognition – does the solution include functionality to manage rewards schemes?
  6. Employee access – are there different role permissions to ensure employees only access the data relevant to their role?
  7. Communication – does the solution include a communication hub to encourage employees to actively participate and provide feedback. Does the platform include in-built communication tools to personalise messaging for individual team members and teams?
  8. Reporting – does the solution allow you to run automated reports and drill down metrics to make data-driven decisions, forecast and measure KPIs?
  9. Mobile – is the platform accessible to all team members from any device?
  10. Cost – how much does the initial set-up cost and how much are the ongoing platform fees?
  11. Deployment – how long does it take to configure and deploy?
  12. API integration – is API integration with other HR technology easy?



These questions will help to decide whether to invest in an off-the-shelf or bespoke solution for your business. Whichever path you take, think beyond features and functionality.  You’ll want to reduce the administrative burden and focus your time in people, not paperwork. Your employee benefits platform should be a communication hub to keep your team connected, engaged and ensure strong uptake of the benefits plan you put together.  You’ll want the right data to measure the ROI of your investment and make improvements, this will ensure the right employee benefits are being taken up by the right people at the right time.  We’re here if you need our help.

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