4 quirky perks to make your employee benefits tastier

By January 6, 2020July 28th, 2020employee benefits

Businesses big and small are getting more creative and quirkier in the employee benefits they offer to keep their workers happy. 

A competitive salary and benefits staples like flexible working tend to be top of the list as employees increasingly prioritise a better work-life balance. But, unique perks can also play an important part in this balancing act. So let’s take a quick look at how 4 technology giants – Google, Square, Slack and Apple – use quirky food and drink-based perks to keep their troops content.   

#1 Free cooking classes

Glassdoor recently announced the Best Places to Work in the UK and reigning kings of quirk Google took first place. We could write a whole blog post on Google’s perks but let’s just go with one this time around. Google not only offers free meals but team members are also able to take up cooking classes. It’s a great way to encourage your team to learn new skills and try out recipes at home.  Different departments also get to work together and meet new people in a fun environment. 

#2 No more meal deals

Most businesses treat their team to the occasional lunch or dinner and drinks.  Some even lay on catered events. Square takes this to a whole new level by offering employees free, freshly prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Obviously not all companies have the money or facilities to do this. So if dining in is not an option then offering your employees discounted dining out at the best restaurants and eateries can be the next best thing.    

#3 Time for coffee

We’ve all been there. We get engrossed in the work we’re doing and we haven’t moved from our desks for hours. To remind employees to take a break, Slack rings a coffee gong at 3pm.  It’s a great way to encourage your team to move about, grab a coffee and chat with colleagues.

#4 Beer bashes

Each December, Apple hires some of the biggest names in music to play at its annual beer bashes and lays on free drinks and appetisers. You probably haven’t got an Apple-sized budget to book Stevie Wonder or Demi Lovato for your Christmas do, but small can also be beautiful. Some businesses give departments or individual teams a small budget to put on their own social events too.   

Food for thought?

Each business is different and perks will appeal to different demographics. Catering for your teams’ foodie adventures is a great starting point. Everybody loves a delicious meal and it’s always good to stop for a coffee, catch up with colleagues, celebrate together and even learn new skills. Standard benefits will always be the mainstay of employee benefits packages but the ‘perk culture’ is quickly gaining traction in the UK.  Is it time to think about what else you could be doing?

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