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Based in Guildford, Surrey, perkpal offers engaging, online employee benefit and perks solutions to employers throughout the UK.

Delivering tangible, exclusive discounts to employee communities is what we do best, all wrapped up in a slick communication and employee reward platform.

The benefits to you? You can engage with your employees far more effectively than ever before.

  • Businesses that show they care about staff and offer employee perks and benefits retain staff more effectively.
  • Looking for the best talent? Candidates take employee perks into serious consideration when choosing their new employer.
  • Happy employees spread the joy. Cultivating a positive environment where teams are rewarded helps drive everyone towards common goals.

perkpal is a division of Avantus Employee Benefits, which is a market leader in the salary sacrifice and flexible benefits market. Now in its 14th year, Avantus Employee Benefits provides solutions to over 1,100 employers of all shapes and sizes.

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Our parent company Avantus

The parent company is Avantus Business Solutions.  The Avantus technology platform sits behind all group businesses and is key to improving efficiency and productivity in a user friendly way. The good news is that as our clients, you can take advantage of that too! To learn more about the Avantus group please visit Avantus.co.uk.

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