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employee engagement

3 ways to restore employee engagement

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Your people are your most valuable asset. It's the people behind your brand that have been working in extraordinary circumstances over the past six months to ensure business continuity. It's…
recruitment and retention

Using employee benefits as part of your recruitment and retention strategy – your essential checklist

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Using employee benefits as part of your recruitment and retention plan for the new normal is a smart strategy.  In the Covid-19 world that we are living in, benefits from…
employee productivity

4 ways to boost employee productivity in a hybrid workplace

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The hybrid workplace whereby people spilt the working week between the home and office is fast becoming the future of work.  In the post-pandemic world, how this balances out in…
employee benefits technology

Employee benefits technology: how far have businesses come in digitising their offering?

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Wholesale migration to remote working during the pandemic meant that management teams were quick to give team members the digital tools they needed to do their job and keep connected.…

How the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting employee benefits planning and communication

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HR professionals and management teams have had their shoulder to the wheel over the past couple of months as they have responded to the Coronavirus outbreak.  But the time hasn't…
working from home

How are employees who are new to remote working finding working from home?

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Are you now working from home? If you are then you have joined the 57% of UK workers who are working remotely due to the Coronavirus crisis.  There was little…
connected people

How to work well, keep connected and motivated when working remotely

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Millions of people are at home adjusting to new ways of living and working as the Covid-19 crisis escalates. For even the most seasoned home workers, and companies with established…
multi generation work force

Employee benefits needs of a multi-generational workforce

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At the last count businesses are now employing as many as four generations. When it comes to employee benefits, meeting the individual, and shared, needs of these different age groups…

4 quirky perks to make your employee benefits tastier

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Businesses big and small are getting more creative and quirkier in the employee benefits they offer to keep their workers happy.  A competitive salary and benefits staples like flexible working…
christmas party

Why employee reward and recognition is not just for Christmas

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It’s almost office Christmas party time. It’s a once-a-year opportunity for businesses to say thank you and reward team members for all their hard work. Celebrating together is fun. It’s…

Why employee benefits matter for SMEs in times of unprecedented talent mobility

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Small and medium businesses are struggling to recruit and retain staff as they square up to bigger players with deeper pockets to invest in employee benefits and higher salaries.  …
Technology can transform employee benefits

How technology can transform employee benefit access and uptake

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Does your business provide tech benefits to help your people do their job?  Is your company using this technology to transform access and uptake of the employee benefits and perks…
deep-rooted causes of workplace stress

What the latest research tells us about deep-rooted cause of workplace stress

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Taking time off in July and August should be a time when work is a million miles away.  A time when employees recharge and refuel so they return to work…
Communication unlocks employee benefits

How communication unlocks the value of employee benefits

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Are your workers aware about the employee benefits that you offer?  Do they understand when, and how, they can access them? Do you know which benefits your people value most?…

4 inspirational organisations that champion employee wellness

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Do you feel like you thrive in your workplace? Do you leave work feeling better than when you arrived? Employee wellness is a hot topic right now. And smart brands…

The future of employee benefits in 12 statistics

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Employee benefits are part of the HR fabric of progressive businesses. They understand that a competitive salary is no longer enough to attract talent and keep their best people on…

How to combat presenteeism in the workplace

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Have you gone into work when you’re not feeling up to it? Do you check your emails or take calls at the weekend, in the evening or on holiday? Do…

When it comes to benefits, what do charity employees value?

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Competition to find and keep the best talent is fierce. It’s fierce in the voluntary sector, the private sector, the public sector too. And offering a competitive employee benefit package…

4 employee benefit trends in 2019 you need to know about

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The most successful brands invest in both employee experience and customer experience to stand out in the crowd and gain a competitive edge. It’s no accident that businesses that provide…
remote employees

Integrating remote workers into a communication strategy

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Employees need to receive regular, targeted communication else it can cause a lower levels of productivity and engagement within the workforce. However, when it comes to non-office based employees and…
7 Tips for working smarter

7 Tips for working smarter in your small business

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Wearing many hats is the norm as a small business owner. You could be taking on the responsibility of marketer, accountant, salesperson and designer all at the same time. This…

Is flexible working an option for your company?

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Should your business operate a flexible working from home policy? Small, medium-sized businesses are now asking themselves this question, and saving office space is a concept most SME owners are open to.…
employee recognition schemes

66% believe recognition at work is most important

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66% of respondents to a recent survey by Sage People said that the most important aspect of employment recognition at work by their employer. Sage People's 'Why your workforce isn't working' report…

1 in 5 employees say their happiness decreases at work

| employee benefits | 6 Comments
Do work environments make employees unhappy? A recent study of 1,000 UK adults by Central YMCA found that one in five felt being at work actively decreases their happiness. The study…
holiday allowance

9 out of 10 workers don’t fully utilise holiday allowance

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A new survey undertaken by found that 9 out of 10 British workers failed to take all of their holiday allowance last year. The study looked at British workers' annual…

4 reasons millennials make great hires

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Millennials often get a bad rap as the lazy, self-entitled, job-hopping generation, but in the right environment, they can be quite the opposite. As more Millennials begin to move into…

How to leave work on time

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For some, leaving work on time seems like a distant dream. Company culture can make it difficult to stand up and leave if everyone else is still at their desks,…

4 great benefits of employee recognition

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With reward and recognition, employers can effectively motivate and drive their teams to perform at their best ability. Use perkpal to achieve this and cultivate a fun company culture. Here…
combatting stress at work

6 Tips for Combatting Stress at Work

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Stress in the workplace can not only put an individuals blood pressure at risk, it can impact overall wellbeing, leading to a drastic decrease in motivation and productivity in the…
productive at work

4 Reasons You’re Not Productive At Work

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On good days, you likely leave work thinking; 'I've accomplished a lot today, I achieved everything I wanted to and I've ploughed through so much work.' Then there are those…
open employee discussion

How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

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Employee morale is crucial to company success. It is the sum of overall outlook, attitude, confidence and the satisfaction employees feel at work. When employees feel positive about their workplace…

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