Creating an effective employee benefits communications strategy

By June 15, 2022employee benefits
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It is no secret that an effective communications strategy can help forge strong employee engagement. It also helps boost retention. A part of that must include making sure your teams know the benefits available to them, as well as how to access them.

In a previous blog we reported:

Canada Life discovered that around a third of employees (34%) would like their employers to communicate more about the workplace benefits and perks available to them. While the same number (34%) report their employers are good at communicating what’s on offer. Clearly there is a squeeze in the middle where communication is inconsistent.

What to include in your employee benefits updates

When you know something inside-out, it can become easy to overthink what you’re doing.

First things first – hybrid working is here to stay. So, it’s crucial to make sure you focus your prime efforts on email communications. Posters in communal areas won’t cut it anymore.

Monthly newsletters, about what’s available to your teams, are usually appreciated. We recommend a structured approach that includes:

With careful planning, this doesn’t need to take up too much of your time.

Getting into the habit of regular updates

By setting aside as little as a few hours a month is all you need. You can boost engagement, retention, and morale by keeping your colleagues informed about what’s available to them. Our built-in communications tools are easy to use. Meaning you won’t need to spend hours obsessing over newsletter templates.

Built-in communication tools make it pain-free!

We know that talking to people is at the heart of what you do. You in people management, after all. But sometimes it can feel daunting to know the best ways to communicate on mass, and to know if they’re read. There are millions of email newsletter tools out there, but they take time, effort and often budget to set up. Not to mention making sure that your data is protected.

That’s why Perkpal comes with integrated communications tools. Your employee data is compliantly and securely stored. You can segment and send your newsletters, as ask for feedback with our survey tool.


In short, a monthly employee benefits newsletter, is crucial to your employee engagement. By understanding how to access benefits, and what is available, you can help boost morale and retain talent.

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