Employee Rewards & Recognition

Exciting new rewards feature! 

Intoducing Lifestyle Rewards! With this new feature, you can reward your team anytime, as and when you like, with digital reward vouchers at some amazing lifestyle retailers. Take your pick from restaurants, entertainment, high street retailers, supermarkets, coffee shops and even bakeries for the nations favourite vegan sausage roll!

Engage and motivate your teams with rewards

Our integrated Reward and Recognition module delivers Peer to Peer Recognition and Employee Rewards in a powerful yet simple way.    

By recognising and rewarding your employees, you can foster and change behaviour, engage and motivate your employees and embrace the ethical standards that are important to you and your business.

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The perks of reward & recognition

We all know how important praise and recognition is to employee morale and motivation. Ensure your organisation is making effective use of these tools with perkpal.

New lifestyle rewards

Whether you need a specific reward for a key event or just fancy giving your employees an ad hoc perk, simply take your pick from our extensive shopping list of digital reward vouchers covering a variety of popular retailers.

Say thanks

Enable Peer to Peer recognition – give your employees the ability to thank one another, or allow them to nominate a Local Hero. Recognitions are visible to all employees and include a brief narrative or storyline. Or see who is going that extra mile by keeping a league table or a leaderboard.

Rewards points

With our points based scheme, managers can reward worthy team members. The reward amounts can be pre-determined, and can be linked to any chosen criteria or corporate values.

Employees can redeem their points against thousands of products and services, using a selection of fulfilment channels.


Company Awards are given for many reasons; eg employee of the month, top salesperson, long service.

Our Award module allows you to announce these awards to your employee community in an attractive way. And if required, the awards process can be managed using our configurable voting system. The flexibility and choice is yours.

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