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All benefits of perkpal now with integrated HR

By upgrading to perkpalpro, perkpal customers benefit from our fully-integrated HR system. The core components consist of: holiday booking, absence management, employee database, reporting and document store.

perkpalpro is available out-of-the-box to new customers, or can be provided as a simple upgrade to existing customers. Full training and ongoing support is provided from our excellent in-house customer support team. Read on to learn more.

The perks of having 

All the amazing perks of having Perkpal including…

Thousands of amazing offers

Exclusive savings on thousands of products and services. Restaurants, cinema tickets, health clubs, holidays, as well as big tax savings through salary sacrifice schemes.

Communication & survey tool

Build your own online community. Create real time announcements, post news items, and use the integrated survey wizard to ‘take the temperature’ of your workforce with pulse surveys.

Freebies for your team

Your employees can benefit from a range of free perks in areas such as financial advice and management, health and wellbeing, emotional support and fun activities.

Reward & recognition

Engage your teams with rewards, from peer recognition (‘just say thanks’) through to fully configured reward programmes with variable reward values.

Plus these great HR tools

Holiday Booking

Holidays (and other configurable leave types) can be requested and approved at any time, from any location on any device. Individual and team calendars, together with a personalised dashboard, make for a simple and seamless process for both employees and their managers.

Absence Management

Our self-serve approach allows for employees to notify their manager in real time, and the automated return to work processes ensure sickness records are complete. HR has full oversight and can access valuable data through the reporting functionality.

Employee Database

Store and access all key employee data – and have everything you need to know at your fingertips. Additional data fields can be created for any purpose. All hosted in our ISO 27001 certified secure environment.


Access the library of reports that come with the system or build your own. All reports are immediately available or can be pre-scheduled to be delivered to specified individuals on a certain date or time.

Document Store

Retain digital copies of all key HR or other documents, and assign them to the employee in question for easy retrieval. Say goodbye to paper!

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Perkpalpro is available out-of-the-box to new customers, or can be provided as a simple upgrade to existing customers.

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