Give you and your team the Ultimate Dining Package with Tastecard and Gourmet Society.

The UK’s favourite dining clubs have joined forces to bring you the very best in discount dining at over 10,000 restaurants and eateries.
By taking advantage of this mouth-watering offer, you can experience fine dining at a hand-picked collection of independent eateries and award-winning restaurants, as well as some of the UK’s favourite chains.

Once a member the first thing to do is download your free mobile phone app.
Whether you fancy a pizza in Peterborough or a curry in Cardiff, your app will not only track your dinner down for you but will also keep track of your savings!

Once you’ve located your perfect venue, all you need to do is book your table in advance by mentioning your tastecard or Gourmet Society membership. Simply show your card to get your discounts at the end of your meal.

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