Top Employee Perks for 2021 that Could Help Your Recruitment Drive

By March 10, 2021June 23rd, 2021employee benefits

What employee perks will attract the best talent in 2021 as the world of work resumes some semblance of normality? You won’t be surprised that work from home allowances are top of the list as employees settle into remote working on a more permanent basis. That’s one of the key findings from job search engine Adzunda, which scoured 750,000 job vacancies last month to find out what employers are offering candidates.

Employee benefits perks are a powerful, cost-effective recruitment tool to make your business stand out on the job pages. The office-based perks everybody used to enjoy are no longer a priority for those who are able to work remotely. Employees are seeking beneficial and bespoke perks to make their home working lives better. This includes the cost of running a home office, support for their well-being and help to balance their caring needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top employee perks for 2021


Work from home allowances

Remote working has gone from being a nice-to-have, a necessity to now a strategic choice to accommodate employee requests to continue working from home after restrictions are lifted.  There’s a cost-saving made here as businesses re-evaluate the office space they need in the new normal. Employees are looking for companies to invest some of these savings in work from home allowances. Adzuna spotted that vehicle site Carwow, for example, is offering a £500 work from home allowance.


Homeworkers have spent the past year trying to juggle home schooling and childcare whilst doing the day job. Childcare perks have been commonplace in the US and the trend is gaining traction on these shores. Amazon, for example, has introduced 10 days of childcare backup for when existing arrangements fall through.

Well-being support and wellness allowances

Perks supporting employee well-being like meditation apps, virtual exercise classes and subsidised counselling are becoming more and more popular. Wellness allowances that give employees flexibility to spend on perks relevant to them and their needs are also high on the wishlist.

Pawternity leave

Pets have been constant companions throughout lockdown.  Pawternity leave is another perk that is becoming more popular in the UK.  Employers are allowing employees to take time away from work to adopt a special furry friend. Sofology, which was rated one of the UK’s top 15 retailers to work for in 2020, is one of the latest businesses to offer the perk to employees.

What else?

There was a huge spike in demand for online language lessons during lockdown and employers are responding by offering free language classes. Perks such as duvet days, which allows employees to take time off with no notice and excuses needed, are always popular. Celebrating birthdays remotely is important and employers are offering perks such as letterbox gifts like cake, flowers or even a well-deserved day off.

To wrap up…

These are just a few examples of the kinds of perks that could help you attract the best talent. They don’t need to cost the earth and they go a long way in helping you keep the people you’ve got. A move towards more inclusive holistic perks that improve employees’ experiences of working remotely, better support health and well-being and help with caring needs, are replacing some of the more frivolous perks everybody enjoyed before the pandemic. If you are rethinking the perks that you offer, we’re here if you need our help.

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