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Communicating with your employees has never been easier…

Use the superb Announcements feature to keep your team up to date with the latest company news and updates.

Instantly create surveys, engaging with your team and helping you get valuable feedback from your employees.

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The perks of effective communication!


The perkpal Announcement feature is really simple to use, allowing the user to publish news items to all employees, or specified groups, in a matter of minutes…  An integrated notification system will alert employees when a new announcement is published.


Quickly create surveys or forms with this superb perkpal feature.  The results are instantly collated and can be fed back to your survey audience in a matter of seconds. Great for ‘pulse’  surveys, gauging opinion on various matters, or can be used for more practical matters such as identifying menu choices at the Christmas party!

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Engaging your employees has never been easier…….

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