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Along with our plethora of amazing employee discounts and savings, every Perkpal member gets access to our range of free employee perks! Employee benefits are so important to the tapestry of wellbeing in and out of the workplace. What makes Perkpal unique is our enormous range of savings, discounts and freebies.

What do you get?

Our employee freebie offering isn’t just about a cup of coffee on a Tuesday, we wanted to offer our members help with saving money in all aspects of their life with free money advice, free tax refund assessments, free credit scores and debt management services! It’s all about making employee lives run a little smoother with some excellent free guidance.

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Our lifestyle freebies

Sometimes you just need a little help with making the small improvements that soon add up! Our employee freebies also include free health and wellbeing tips and guidance, free eye tests, free virtual gym if you’d rather work out at home, free mindfulness courses to stay zen and we even enter you into our free Lotto where you can win up to £3,000 each month!

For whatever life throws at you

Our free Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can be the light at the end of the tunnel. This freebie gives you a comprehensive telephone helpline available 24/7 offering information and advice around medical, legal (not work related), financial (tax, money and debt management) and emotional support (stress, family, bereavement, trauma, relationship).

We’ve listed our free perks below so have a little look or get in touch if you’re ready to chat!

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Popular employee freebies


Free Lotto

employee freebies and perks

Free Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

perks and freebies

Free Wine Tasting

perks and freebies for employees

Free tax refund assessment & claim management

freebies for employees

Free health & wellbeing resources

employee freebies and benefits

Free credit score

freebies for employees

Free pre-paid travel card

perks and freebies for employees

Free debt management services

perks and freebies

Free mindfulness course


Free money advice

freebies and benefits

Free eyesight test

freebies and perks for employees

Free virtual gym

Don’t forget our other perks

Communications & survey tool

Reward and recognition

Thousands of amazing offers

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