Making savings with Perkpal’s financial support for the year ahead

By March 21, 2022employee benefits
Making savings with perkpal for the year ahead

While the news fills us with the doom and gloom of the rising cost of living, we all need a little boost now more than ever. And we need our salaries to stretch further to keep us all warm, fed and going about our lives. Find out how our financial support can help ease concerns of your employees.

Free financial support – discreet and effective help

The average household debt in 2021 was reported to be £63,112 according to The Money Charity. With debt comes stress, so discretion and sensitivity are of utmost importance. All our packages come with the following benefits for free, as standard:

We help manage financial stress holistically, so not only do we offer financial support services (as above), we also offer free mindfulness courses, health and wellbeing resources, and virtual gyms. That way, you can rest assured that your teams are fully taken care of.

High street discounts on your essentials (and treats!)

PerkPal gives your employees discounts at supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Tesco. So as the cost of food increases, your employees can take advantage of savings.

Everyone gets free eye care vouchers as standard. So, no putting your health on the backseat, as many do at times of financial worry.

Not only this, but we also include many of your favourite high street names and online retailers, including ASOS, Primark, Boots, John Lewis, and hundreds more.

Spread the word!

By making sure your employees are well versed with the benefits they are entitled to, you can rest assured that everyone can get the help they need to make their money go further. Our built-in communications tool allows you to easily email your workforce. You can use data segments too, meaning you can be more targeted with who gets what and when.

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