4 reasons millennials make great hires

By September 8, 2017November 3rd, 2020tips

Millennials often get a bad rap as the lazy, self-entitled, job-hopping generation, but in the right environment, they can be quite the opposite.

As more Millennials begin to move into decision-making positions, it’s time to start seeing them as the innovative, valuable generation they are.

Here are 4 reasons Millennials make great hires:

They’re digital natives

Millennials are the first generation who’ve grown up with digital technology, and so they know the digital world like the back of their hands. Thanks to the introduction of viral content, Millennials have a strong understanding of what resonates with their generation. Because they’re used to the ever-changing digital landscape, they adapt quickly and seamlessly and are able to positively contribute and deliver results. They rarely require training to understand new digital processes.

They’re solution-orientated

Millennials found their way through a rough economic downturn, and are no strangers to competition and working for what they want in life. They’re happy to experiment and find solutions to problems, and they often see ways to streamline existing processes and make them more efficient. They’re an entrepreneurial generation who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get work done.

They’re willing to improve themselves

Although Millennials are often thought of being arrogant, they can actually be very much the opposite. Many are happy to take constructive criticism, owning their mistakes and working on self-development so they can complete tasks and solve problems to a higher standard. The key here is to cultivate a workplace culture that isn’t afraid to slip-up; Millennials thrive on trial-and-error learning.

They look for meaning in everything they do

Perhaps due to the input they had in family decisions when they were children, Millennials like to inject a bit of themselves into companies they join. This is not inherently a bad thing, as it means they often uncover new ways to solve problems and take partial responsibility for the overall success of the company. Millennials like to ask ‘why’ because they want to know what they do is making a positive impact in the workplace. If you can show them how all processes interconnect and how what they do is important to your organisation, they will be massively more motivated.


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