Small is beautiful when it comes to rewarding your remote workers this Christmas

By December 1, 2020employee benefits

Christmas will be different this year.

The reasons why it’s important to reward and thank your team are the same though. The end of the year is still the perfect opportunity to boost morale and engagement by rewarding and recognising, even in a small way, all the hard work that your remote workers have put in.  It’s been a tough year and some of your team may not feel like celebrating much.  But it’s good to chat, keep connected and have some fun.

Obviously the traditional office Christmas party is something for 2021. Rewarding your team this year doesn’t need to make a big dent in your social budget (if you’ve got one).  You could even organise a virtual get together for after the holidays. Most conventions have been upended this year. An event at the start of the new year could give everyone a much needed boost as they contemplate the cold months ahead.

Here are three fun ideas to kick off the festive cheer to show your employees that you care and value the contribution they make.

#1 Goodie boxes and a virtual Christmas party

Most businesses still want to celebrate and keep seasonal traditions thriving.  Hire Space reports that 89% of companies are planning a virtual party this year.  Before the party starts, you could send your employees goodie boxes to treat your team to some festive food and drink.

Why not have a festive playlist and virtual secret Santa with gifts posted in advance. A virtual bake off competition is a good way to bond over some calories.

Or you could ratchet up the spend and enlist the help of the party professionals. Event planners  like Hire Space have quickly pivoted to offer virtual Christmas packages. Big top events offer party guests remote versions of everything that comes with the usual Christmas party – everything apart the trip home and a hangover.

#2 Experiential events

As we just mentioned, businesses have been quick to adapt their Christmas event offerings for a virtual world. Treat your team to a virtual experience that can include anything from murder mystery games to escape rooms.  Want some belly laughs? Virtual Shindig will put on a bespoke panto-style show.

#3 Festive vouchers

Not everyone will be jumping for joy at the thought of yet another Zoom event, or want to join a virtual party.  Why not show that you value everybody’s efforts this year and treat your employees to some festive vouchers. This is a simple, cost-effective gesture that goes a long way in showing all team members, not just those that join in with any celebrations, that everyone is valued and  kept in mind.

Have fun …

Just a few ideas to thank your employees and get together as a team. You will want to make what could be your only virtual Christmas party memorable (for all the right reasons).  But small is beautiful and rewarding your employees needn’t cost the earth.  And if you are usually the person that organises things, you can put your feet up and enjoy an event without worrying if you’ve ordered enough starters for the vegetarians on your team. Whatever you’ve got planned. we hope you have fun. We’re here if you need our help.

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