4 great benefits of employee recognition

By July 26, 2017November 3rd, 2020employee benefits

With reward and recognition, employers can effectively motivate and drive their teams to perform at their best ability. Use perkpal to achieve this and cultivate a fun company culture.

Here are 4 great benefits of employee recognition

1. To engage

Showing employees you’re grateful for their hard work can have an immediate positive impact, boosting employee engagement by almost 60%. In fact, recognition is consistently cited as a ‘top engagement driver’, so you have no excuse!

Recognition doesn’t just have to come from you; nurture your company’s culture to promote peer-to-peer recognition, it can work wonders for team morale and ultimately help your company remain attractive and succeed.

2. To increase employee advocacy

When you tailor your recognition and benefits to each individual employee, you turn them into brand ambassadors. Spend the time to learn what makes each individual employee tick, and before you know it, you’ll have a passionate team of advocates spreading the word about how great your company is.

3. To retain

It’s a fact. Lack of recognition is one of the biggest reasons why people leave their jobs.

As millennials (the ‘job hopping’ generation) are set to dominate the workplace, it becomes increasingly important to keep an eye on your company’s retention rate.

By using the motivational power of recognition, you could lower voluntary turnover rates by 31%.

Rewarding and recognising with perkpal is one of the easiest ways to retain your employees.

4. To drive performance

Recognition can be a powerful amplifier to employee performance, in fact, the power of positive feedback has data to back it up.

Organisations that give thanks to their employees regularly outperform those that don’t by 14%.

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