Your Company’s New Years’ Resolutions. Why PerkPal is the employee reward and discount platform you need for 2022

By December 7, 2021employee benefits

As another year ends, us goal orientated folk are thinking about what we can improve on and achieve for the new year. In 2021 we learned a lot about how the on-going pandemic has impacted our teams, and subsequently what we can do to support them:

1. How to prevent hybrid and remote workers from feeling isolated, by breaking down company silos.

2. With a rise in presenteeism, particularly for those working remotely, we also learned more about identifying and reducing employee burnout.

3. In terms of benefit trends, we discovered that employees value health and wellness benefits above others.

4. While the desire for more flexibility and hybrid working has always been there, we know from the last two years that companies can make it work long-term. But here are the full top five employee benefits UK workers want most.

5. And finally, we covered the importance of employee assistance programmes (EAP) and why we must include them for ALL employees going forward.

New Year = New Benefits?

Armed with this information, what work-based New Years’ resolutions will you make for your company? Perhaps you’ll look to revamp your employee benefits strategy. Did you know that even by changing your accessibility from internal portals to a digital, online platform could drastically improve your employee engagement? Keep reading for more ways that PerkPal could help make your teams happier, feel better supported and help them save money.

Why PerkPal?

We offer an exclusive mix of leisure discounts and wellbeing resources for businesses throughout the UK.

These include discounts at thousands of household name brands, and products and services, including cinemas, restaurants, and travel.

Not only this, but we also take personal and professional wellbeing seriously. All our clients will have access to what we refer to as our ‘freebies’. These include services such as financial advice, EAP and wellbeing support.

But it doesn’t stop there! We don’t just believe, but we know that recognition in the workplace goes a long way. It helps keep teams motivated and feel seen. So, all we also have a rewards and recognition package, allowing you to build your own incentives and awards schemes. It’s just a little something to say thank you and well done to those who deserve it!

Your employee rewards and recognition checklist

If you don’t yet have a rewards and recognition scheme in your workplace, look no further than our epic checklist that’ll help you build one! We cover the core seven areas you’ll need to consider when devising your reward strategy, from identifying what you want to achieve, and the rewards you could offer, to reflecting your company’s culture and measuring the success of your scheme. It’s all there.

Go on, shout about it!

Creating an all-singing, all-dancing employee benefits program is all well and good but if your teams don’t know how to take advantage of it, it isn’t worth it. Our in-built announcement tool lets you to display news and updates within your PerkPal app, as well as push email newsletters to your teams. You can create segmented lists too, meaning you can send relevant alerts to the right people.

Not only this, but our easy-to-use survey tool is available for all clients. This allows you to solicit feedback from your teams and analyse the results. From here you can gain valuable insight into what your employees think, want, and help you make informed choices.

Final thoughts: 12 Questions to help choose the right benefits platform

Migrating your employee benefits platform is no mean feat. It can seem daunting, and you may need to secure budget to get things underway. We know that you need to dot the I’s and cross the t’s before you can make any radical changes. But we also know that you care about your staff’s happiness. So, we’ve taken the hard work out if it for you and created a checklist to help you plan your move.

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